Monday, December 12, 2011

And Just When You Thought You'd Heard It All . . .

We hear unusual requests from clients all the time when discussing desires for disposition of last remains. From the thoughtful to the funny, clients have strong ideas when it comes to this issue. But Alan Billis, a sixty year old English taxi driver, volunteered to be mummified after his death by a research team making a documentary about the ancient Egyptian practice of mummification, to learn more about the process. Mr. Billis read about the planned documentary, and contacted the researchers to volunteer. Dying of lung cancer, Mr. Billis saw this as an opportunity to benefit science and get an appearance on TV. Although he regretted not being able to see the final product.

In order to assist citizens in the fulfillment of their last wishes for the disposition of their remains, the Colorado legislature passed the Disposition of Last Remains Act, CRS 15-19-101, et seq., The 2003 Act creates a form that allows us to specify the manner in which our body is disposed, what kind of service or funeral is held, and who ultimately makes those decisions. Being mummified might be a bit out of the average estate's price range, but if these issues are important to you, be specific about your wishes, and make sure those wishes are known.

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