Thursday, January 26, 2012

International Network of Boutique Law Firms

Wade Ash Woods Hill & Farley, P.C. is a member of The International Network of Boutique Law Firms ("INBLF"). INBLF is an organization of highly credentialed single-discipline (boutique) law firms, each of which, after a great deal of research, has been identified and hand-selected as prominent in each firm's respective field of practice.

Each member firm practices, and has achieved preeminence, in only one or two specific substantive areas of practice, none of which overlaps with any other member firm's area of expertise in that specific geographic market. The INBLF is organized such that individual chapters have been established in every significant city and geographic market throughout the United States and Canada, thereby ensuring that all major practice areas in every major market are covered by a highly credentialed INBLF member.

The purpose of the INBLF, among other things, is to ensure that each firm's clients will receive only the very highest quality legal representation -- irrespective of the nature of the legal issue or the jurisdiction in which it arises -- should that client elect to retain an INBLF member for legal counsel or assistance.