Thursday, August 15, 2013

Considering Charitable Giving

Josie M. Faix, Esq.

Co-creator of the long-running television show The Simpsons, Sam Simon, was diagnosed with terminal colorectal cancer in 2012.  Mr. Simon has used his grim news as a catalyst to increase his own charitable giving, and to encourage others to do so.  He started the Sam Simpson Foundation in 2002 to benefit and protect stray-dogs from being euthanized.  Since then he has given to countless organizations that care for animals, people, and the environment.  Realizing he has a short time left, he has spoken publicly about his desire to give his estate to charity and the good his fortune will do for the causes he cares about.  To read an interview with Sam Simon about his charitable works, visit Sam Simon.

You don’t have to be dying or extremely wealthy to give more thought to your own charitable intent.  There are tax-wise ways to give to your favorite causes and programs, including use of appreciated stock, retirement accounts, donor advised funds and private foundations.  Give us a call to discuss charitable giving generally, and its coordination with your estate plan.