Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tax Changes 1/1/2013

As a reminder, if Congress fails to act, there will be significant tax changes in 2013. If you want to meet with us to plan in advance of these changes, do NOT WAIT UNTIL DECEMBER. The most important changes include the following:

Individuals: 10% bracket disappears, and 15% bracket is smaller; top rate is 39.6%. Long-term capital gain max rate is 20% (18% for assets held more than 5 years) – instead of 15% now. Dividends are taxed at same rate as ordinary income (instead of 15%). Standard deduction for married filing jointly will be 167% (instead of 200%) of single taxpayers’ deduction. Itemized deductions for higher income taxpayers will be reduced by 3% of AGI. Personal exemptions are phased out for higher-income taxpayers.

Estate Tax: $1 million exemption (instead of $5.12 million); top tax rate of 55% (instead of 35%); 5% surtax on higher estates; reinstated state death tax credit; reinstated QFOBI deduction; and the more favorable installment payment rules will disappear. No more portability of the deceased spouse’s exemption.

Gift Tax: $1 million exemption (instead of $5.12 million); top tax rate of 55% (instead of 35%).

Generation-Skipping Transfer (GST) Tax: $1,430,000 exemption (adjusted for inflation; instead of $5.12 million); tax rate of 55%; the more favorable automatic allocation rules and severance of trusts will disappear.